Mary Lee DeWitt Baker Releases Memoir, ALL I EVER WANTED WAS A B CUP

February 5
9:11 2013


In her newly released memoir, All I Ever Wanted Was a B Cup, Mary Lee DeWitt Baker promises readers, "I can assure you that most backstage stories do not require even a drop of exaggeration, because things get so very crazy in the dark. In comparison to the magic on stage, I have found far more entertainment and DRAMA behind the curtain."

Baker does not disappoint, and furnishes her story with outlandish stories from her years on Broadway. Baker gives readers a backstage pass to the exciting and glamorous, but oftentimes harsh world of the Broadway stage.

All her life, Baker dreamed about making it big on Broadway. She worked for many years, shedding her fair amount of blood, sweat, and tears to make her dream come true. With will and determination, Baker was able to make her dreams come true. The next challenge was trickier.

The real accomplishment that Baker has to be proud of is learning how to place her self esteem and happiness above all the petty criticisms that abound, not only in the theater, but also in life. It isn't possible to make everyone happy, especially not in an environment like Broadway, where everyone seems to be telling you a million different things that you need to change about yourself in order to be a success.

What Baker realizes is that she needs only to make herself and loved ones happy. After all, it is only in that happiness that real contentment and meaning can be found.

Mary Lee DeWitt Baker was born in Atlanta Georgia, and grew up in New Jersey. The youngest of five, she slowly but surely followed her dream of performing on Broadway. The biggest blessings of her life were born in 1993 and 1997. She happily segued from the stage to raising Garrett and Rachel, and cleaning cat litter. She is a Certified Theatre and Dance Teacher, Choreographer, and Director turned author residing in Hudson, Ohio.

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