Linda Marie's Debut Novel BEYOND THE MANGROVES is Released

Linda Marie's Debut Novel BEYOND THE MANGROVES is Released


Elena Maria Covington could have had the world. Born into a wealthy though dysfunctional family and taken in by her even wealthier aunt, she had more opportunities than she could ever comprehend. With a world of promise ahead of her, the last thing she expected was to be left for dead in the Everglades.

Author Linda Marie invites readers to experience Elena's thrilling story in the new novel, "Beyond the Mangroves" (published by iUniverse), which follows Elena during her lifelong journey of struggles, perseverance, and finding true love.

As Elena grows up, she falls in love with Cal, her father's business associate, and the two get married. When Elena's father falls ill, Cal worries that Elena will gain control of the business, which would complicate his dark secret: he dips into the company funds to maintain his mistress. Afraid to take any chances, Cal abandons Elena on an island in the Everglades and claims she has passed away.

Throughout "Beyond the Mangroves," readers watch in suspense as Elena struggles to survive in her new and wild surroundings. Things are further complicated when a man finds her on the island, giving Elena the choice of either returning to her affluent life or remaining on her remote island in the Everglades.