Karen Pettine's New Book Reveals How to Relieve Stress with an Organized Home

January 22
11:38 2013

Karen Pettine's New Book Reveals How to Relieve Stress with an Organized Home

A disorganized, messy, cluttered home is a thing of the past thanks to Karen Pettine's new book, Home Organization For Stress-Free Living: How To Organize Your Home One Day At A Time And Keep It That Way, which offers her personal advice on how to best tackle organizational nightmares in every room of the home while creating beautiful décor at the same time. Teaming up with indie publishing company, Little Pearl Publishing, Pettine's new book promises to make 2013 your most organized (and enjoyable) year yet. As part of Little Pearl's new author promotion, it is being offered for free on Amazon January 22, 2013.

The goal of the book is to help the reader clean and organize effectively - reaping maximum benefits from minimum effort. As a high school teacher juggling the renovation of a historic home and volunteer hours at local hospitals, Pettine by no means has the time to spend hours each day picking up after her messy (yet loveable) husband and organizing and cleaning her home to perfection.

"Perfection," explains the author, "is not the goal. The goal of a clean, organized home is creating a space where one can relax relax."

Home Organization For Stress Free Living is practical and functional. The writing is honest and the ideas are creative and actionable. There is no one that won't benefit from the advice offered in this book. A short, pleasurable read, Pettine's book will reignite the motivation to organize in even the most "clutter-happy" people. The book is being made without charge for one day only through January 22, 2013 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace.


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