Jennifer Graham's New Memoir, AN IMMORAL PROPOSAL, is Available Now

Jennifer Graham's New Memoir, AN IMMORAL PROPOSAL, is Available Now

Love drives all great stories but, unlike this one, most relationships are not punishable by law! The stakes were very high for Michael and Jennifer Graham living under apartheid in South Africa during the 70's; he was an educated, wealthy white man and she was a factory clerk, classified by the government as 'coloured' - meaning "a person who fails to pass for white."

An Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid by Jennifer Graham is a real-life love story like no other. When Michael Graham first set eyes on Jennifer he did not see color or social standing, he saw a woman he would love for the rest of his life. While their love would ultimately overcome all barriers, the road to happiness was not easy in a country that was driven by cruel and unforgiving laws.

Michael is from an affluent background, growing up in a desirable neighborhood where private school, university, and membership in exclusive social clubs are the norm. Jennifer, at the other end of the spectrum, is forced to leave school at age sixteen to work as a clerk in a factory. Throughout her fragmented life, struggling to find a place to belong, her world is further complicated by a man whose love is considered illegal - just the fact that he's white and she isn't was enough to have them arrested at that time. An Immoral Proposal is the amazing true story of Jennifer's journey to self-acceptance and a love that would not be denied.

"I started this book as a novel," Graham says. "It seemed safer that way because it was too painful to face head-on. Progress was slow and the novel rang hollow, until a friend and fellow-writer suggested I write it as a memoir. I knew then however much I dreaded the thought, it was the only way forward, and the only way to peel back the layers of pretence."

Although Jennifer Graham began life in South Africa, this self-proclaimed global nomad left her homeland at age 19 and went on to live in England, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. After earning her degree in communication/print journalism from the University of Mobile, Alabama, in 2001, she wrote freelance feature articles on topics such as food, health, travel and profiles for publications including Destinations, Connections, The Press, The Citizen, The Fairhope Courier, as well as

Nowadays, Jennifer and Graham divide their time between Canada and New York to spend as much time as possible with their five grandchildren.

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An Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid
Shulemite Publishing
Available Online at in print and Kindle edition
ISBN-13: 978-1493613816


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