Gwyneth Montenegro Enthralls Readers With a Challenging and Salacious Lifestyle

May 31
10:03 2014
Gwyneth Montenegro Enthralls Readers With a Challenging and Salacious Lifestyle

How many men is too many? 10? 50? Perhaps 150? How about 10,000? There's no doubt that in modern western society, a young woman often has the opportunity to be as sexually promiscuous as she chooses. In what once was the domain of the male, the newly sexually liberated female can find herself with her own fair share of encounters. However, by anyone's standards, 10,000 men has to be considered quite a lot of encounters. Author Gwyneth Montenegro's hot new title, "10,000 Men and Counting", sets about examining how a pretty young lady found herself in a situation in which she's realized that she had done just that, bedded 10,000 men.

"10,000 Men and Counting" is based on a true story and in places contains explicit content. A true rag to riches tale of overcoming adversity amidst the many trials that beset one's life, this book is an astonishing revelation of one woman's journey and her dreams for her future. Though it is confronting, it was written in a manner that almost anyone will relate to. Women will also see a bit of themselves in Gwyneth Montenegro as she struggles to make the wisest decisions when faced with life's challenges.

In penning "10,000 Men and Counting", Gwyneth Montenegro shares a heartfelt tale that will have women, the world over, laughing one moment and crying the next as they become enthralled in her challenging and often salacious lifestyle.

The book is certainly not all about sexual encounters; it is quite the opposite actually. As readers proceed through the book, they will find themselves enthralled in a myriad of emotions as the future focused Gwyneth faces the challenge of combining her professional life with her personal life, often with disastrous results.


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