The Lesbian dating book that picks up where the others dare not go.

A media representative for Gloria Jean, an up and coming new author, today announced the release of new eBook entitled, "Lesbian Dating: Officially, Maybe, I Think." The book is already out on and in other online bookstores. The book is designed to help lesbians find the right woman whom they can befriend and establish a romantic relationship with.

Gloria Jean offers encouragement and support to lesbians and women who are interested in dating other women and establishing long-term serious committed relationships with women.

Reading the book is the equivalent of having a really great emotionally-nourishing two-hour conversation with an understanding friend. Her writing style is full of empathy, hearty enthusiasm, and occasional humor. Ms. Jean has the innate ability to motivate even the shyest of ladies to go out to purposefully find love.

The book is jam packed with practical and well-thought out lesbian relationship advice that a lesbian woman needs in order to ensure a positive dating experience. A few of the most important topics that the book focuses on are lesbian domestic violence, loss of a spouse, and coping with illness. The book also includes the fun stuff like how to approach women the right way and how to pick up the check. Lesbian Dating: Officially, Maybe, I Think is full of encouraging words to help women overcome the fear of rejection and shyness. The author believes the pieces of advice in the book are for late blooming lesbians as well as long-time lesbian women.

The book is written in a very straight forward fashion, which is simple and easily understandable. It emphasizes the do's and don'ts in lesbian dating, but it is clearly different from the typical lesbian dating books. Reading Lesbian Dating: Officially, Maybe, I Think is like talking to that cool nonjudgmental friend everyone wishes they had.

Gloria Jean claims the lesbian advice offered is geared towards helping both lesbian singles and those who want to have a long-lasting romantic relationship with their ladylove. Lesbian issues are somewhat different from heterosexual relationships. The book makes it possible through straight talk, to empower readers with the correct knowledge to handle different love life situations and to maneuver inside their sometimes rocky lives while keeping their sense of self intact.

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