Gambler's New Autobiography Details Journey from American Dream to Legal Nightmare

Gambler's New Autobiography Details Journey from American Dream to Legal Nightmare


Imagine losing everything and having one chance to get it all back, even if it means defying the law. That's the choice author Adnan Ališi? faced when his gambling addiction proved costly, and he describes in this new autobiography how he became involved in stealing $2 million from a casino to repay his debts. The resulting media storm, which portrayed the crime as a Hollywood movie, only intensified the event for its players.

"Arizona Dream: A true story of a real-life 'Ocean's Eleven,' " is a true crime story of a real-life "Ocean's Eleven." Forced by gambling, the author executed this sensational casino heist, and the media portrayed the crime as a Hollywood script.

"The attempted robbery of $2 million from a casino on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community east of Phoenix sounds more like a Hollywood movie than a real-life incident," wrote the Associated Press. "The heist is a perfect example of 'Ocean's Eleven' Syndrome."

"Not only is a group of men charged in the theft of $2 million cash from an armored truck at an East Valley casino, but they could be accused of stealing from some Hollywood scripts. ... The intricate planning of casino heist called 'The Ocean's Eleven' syndrome," wrote the East Valley Tribune.

The Arizona Republic also sensationalized the crime: "After the men loaded the money into a green van, they sped away, planning to ride an all-terrain vehicle into Scottsdale's sewer system."

It's indisputable the public is intrigued by accounts of sensational heists such as this one, which involves an unusual twist of plot. A quick look at some television listings and bestseller lists reveals the public's obsessive interest in spectacular crimes. On top of everything, the author comes from a country where unspeakable acts of terror were committed, and in this book he exposes the public to the horrors of mass killings and ethnic cleansing.