Dr. Gleeson Rebello's Children's Book, DAREBONE'S BIG BREAK, is Now Available

Dr. Gleeson Rebello's Children's Book, DAREBONE'S BIG BREAK, is Now Available

Boston Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Gleeson Rebello, has authored a new type of children's book, DareBone's Big Break, the story of a young boy who learns what to expect after he experiences one of the most common arm breaks to occur in children.

"I see this type of injury all too often in my medical practice," says Dr. Gleeson Rebello, author and pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Harvard Medical School. "DareBone's Big Break helps kids and their parents understand what happens if and when this type of injury occurs. It takes the 'scary' out of the process by educating with humor, while making science and biology cool for kids by not talking down to them. The aim of writing this book is to raise the bar in terms of how we explain everyday medical practice to a generation of children that are smarter than we were," he said.

DareBone's Big Break, published by SDP Publishing, is a fun picture book that rhymes and embraces a scenario all too common for many families with young children. One such family was the McElyeas, from Florida, who were visiting Massachusetts when their 5-year-old son fell and suffered from the same type of break as Darebone, a type 3 supracondylar fracture of the elbow. Their son's surgeon happened to be Dr. Gleeson Rebello, who gave them a copy of the book to take home.

"Darebone's Big Break was a huge tool for our son," said Candice McElyea. "It includes medical terms that even a five year old can understand, at a very stressful, scary and confusing time. We have read the book with our son about 50 times, and he absolutely loves it. It has been a tremendous instrument guiding his recovery, and he even brought it along to look at the pictures when he had his pins and cast removed," said McElyea.

This is the first in a series of books by Dr. Rebello and co-author Jamie Harisiades to combine entertaining rhyme with accurate medical information aimed at educating readers and parents about common childhood conditions, such as allergies, autism, asthma and obesity. The book was also recently featured in The Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School, where Rebello is on faculty. Rebello and Harisiades are currently working on a screenplay to turn the book into a short film.

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