Chris Stern Announces Seventh Chapter on BizIsSimple.Com

Chris Stern Announces Seventh Chapter on BizIsSimple.Com

In the seventh chapter on BizIsSimple.Com, author Chris Stern talks about extreme differentiation and smart business definition and develops a novel approach to the Blue Ocean Theory.

Chris Stern immerses readers in differentiation and innovatively combines the Blue Ocean Methodology with the strategy mapping approach of the Balanced Scorecard.

A differentiation canvas is used to visualize strategy patterns. "While certainly not scientific, the idea provides a new approach to a proven methodology, and that makes it interesting" says Chris Stern. "Showing differentiation patterns comparing a Blue Ocean businesses with a legacy businesses allows the strategist to provide rational arguments why a certain business innovation may succeed, or not".

Asked about the future of his Web Book, Stern states "I am very pleased how this is evolving. We are getting ready to add new media to the site and plan to provide webcasts and webinars in the near future. Stay tuned on news on how we plan to add commercialization to this Web Book. After all, we cannot talk about business without doing business ourselves".

The goal of is to look at business administration in an extremely pragmatic way and to help readers find tools they can immediately apply in day-to-day business.

The web book will be an ongoing work. In contrast to paper publications, the author can add and change content based on readers' input or updated knowledge. The seventh chapter is called "Business Definition and Differentiation" and is available for immediate reading at

Every chapter comes with a downloadable presentation and the author plans to add video sequences in the near future. Until further notice, access to the site is free of charge.

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