Children's Development in Reading, Writing and Speaking are All Influenced by Their Parents

February 12
2:27 2013

Children's Development in Reading, Writing and Speaking are All Influenced by Their Parents

A school is an important venue where children pick up the necessary skills of reading and writing. However, as studies have come to show, the home still remains the primary place where children are first exposed to these lessons. While it may not come in a formal classroom setting, the experiences and activities that children share with their parents already have a huge impact on their intellectual development. Software company eReflect knows this, and the principles behind parent-supported learning have been incorporated in all of its e-learning products, including 7 Speed Reading software. In today's announcement, the development team behind 7 Speed Reading emphasized the importance of keeping parents involved in a child's learning.

One such study that supports this notion was published in the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. This study, which focused on parent-training and its efficiency in improving the skills of the children, found that the home environment plays a crucial factor in skill development. Whether it be in the field of reading, writing, or speaking, simple activities such as reading bedtime stories already have an effect on how children pick up cognitive cues pertaining to these skills.

It is also a huge factor that children view their parents as role models. Child psychologists have long stated that children are essentially very impressionable, and will therefore imitate what they see the adults doing. That is why it's important for the parents to set a good example for their children.

One of the most common examples used relates to the habit of reading. Experts say that if a child is exposed to a home environment where reading materials are common, then it is most likely that the child's curiosity to read will be piqued. This probability is further improved if they see their parents actually reading the books themselves. By seeing their parents enjoying the habit of reading, children will then grow up more inclined as well to pick up the same habit.


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