Book By You Introduces Two Same-Sex Romance Novels Just in Time for Valentine's Day


The world's leading publisher of personalized novels, Book By You, announces the release of its two newest personalized same-sex romances for Valentine's Day: "Treasure Trails" and "Over the Moon". Both of these novels make incredibly personal gifts for such a romantic occasion.

"Over the Moon", is for women and is a sexy space-age romp through the galaxy, featuring an authoritative, roguish female starship commander and a passionate, head-strong diplomat whose talent for negotiation is only outshone by her beauty. When the commander is charged with transporting the diplomat on her mission to negotiate peace among several warring alien races, neither of them are too thrilled. But when danger comes calling, the heroic diplomat must use all her courage and negotiating skills, while our roguish commander's brains and blaster prowess must protect the heroine, who reveals a reckless streak almost as long as the commander's. Blast off on a thrilling, action-packed adventure, chock full of sexual tension and romance.

In "Treasure Trails", the two heroes are contestants on a Survivor-style reality TV show, TreasureQuest. The first hero is an amiable, idealistic hunk fresh out of a bad relationship. He's hoping the game will help him repair his self-esteem and boost his confidence, all while sticking to his guns. But then he meets his competition-a sexy, ambitious character who's not afraid to manipulate the camera, bend the rules, and sabotage other contestants on his path to the finish line. When a fire ignites between the two competitors, who can tell whether it's just another play for the audience's sympathy, or the real thing?

Both personalized same-sex novels join the already extensive Book By You collection of thrilling and titillating personalized romances, including four Jane Austen novels, paranormal romances Fierce Moon and Vampire Kisses, and an array of other tantalizing titles. Sci-fi/Fantasy fans will devour our space age page-turner Starstruck. By Magic Bound will cast a spell over steamy adventure-loving witches and wizards, and swarthy swashbucklers can ride waves of passion with Pirates of Desire. Traditional romance fans will love titles like the funny romantic comedy Love's Next Door, or Click For Love, an especially fitting romantic romp for all those happy couples who met through the internet dating phenomenon. For couples about to tie the knot, the delectable cake-walk Wedding Favors will sweeten the deal. For reality TV addicts, Book By You has Tropical Treasure, a heated tale of competition and, of course, true love. Got a medical drama fan to shop for? ER Fever will drive their heart rate through the rooF. Western Rendezvous makes a prefect read for cowboys and girls, and Racing Hearts will take NASCAR lovers all the way to the finish line, and mystery lovers can uncover more than just clues with Golden Night.