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Design thinking began as a tactic for solving business problems and identifying opportunities. It initially catered to companies with big budgets. Now, design thinking expert Beverly Ingle is sharing her knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs and small-business owners in her new book, "Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Putting the Power of Design to Work," -released by Apress Media. She illustrates how these smaller companies can make design thinking work for them-and on a much smaller budget. Ingle provides the tools entrepreneurs need with step-by-step processes that show how to use design thinking methods to transform a business and drive organizational success.

Readers will learn how to find and implement business goals using design thinking, what areas of business the approach is best used for, and how to incorporate design thinking into everyday operations, among other insight. Popular and prevalent design thinking tools like ideation, prototyping, and rapid branding are all thoroughly explained. Ingle provides practical, proven, hands-on examples that can be put to use right away. Not only will small business leaders and entrepreneurs leave the experience of this book with a working knowledge of design thinking, but they will also have the confidence to execute these improvements immediately. The best part is that the results will show in top and bottom lines in a positive way. According to one of Ingle's colleagues, Jill Robb, CEO of Ambition Digital in Belfast, United Kingdom, Beverly " has already helped many business people, myself included, inject greater creativity into problem solving to deliver better results. She has an amazingly refreshing ability to create deep understanding within her audience, and a hands-on, practical approach ensures that the results are manageable and within your grasp."

This book is geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners, along with their senior leadership teams who need a better understanding of what design thinking is and how to implement it. In Ingle's own words, "My book is more like a 'how-to' for entrepreneurs and small businesses, who generally can't afford to hire agencies and large consulting firms to help them. My book is design thinking for the Average Joe Businessman."

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