Author reveals own miracles to share hope in Jesus

Author reveals own miracles to share hope in Jesus Revealing the story of three miracles that dramatically changed her life, author Catherine J.M. Hughes releases her new book, "Miracles of God's Love" (published by AuthorHouse UK).

"In the book, I talk about coming to know Jesus at a church of England Sunday School when I was seven, and when I was fourteen after much suffering in my childhood, one night after a nightmare I was a wake for a while and I had a vision and an encounter with the mother of Jesus, which was so awesome," Hughes explains. "When I was seventeen, I died and went to heaven and I met Jesus face to face and Jesus sent me back. Then the third miracle was about a statue of our Lady that changed on a photograph, which is in the book."

Hughes adds that the book aims to help people who are suffering and heartbroken and encourage them to turn to God for help. "God is faithful and he will answer them and reveal his love and healing care," she says. "As in my case, which is extremely unusual, the Lord showed me his awesome love in three miracles."

"Miracles of God's Love"
By Catherine J.M. Hughes
Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 40 pages | ISBN 9781504988230
E-Book | 40 pages | ISBN 9781504988247
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble