Author Reveals Impact of Domestic Violence on Women, Children

Author Reveals Impact of Domestic Violence on Women, Children

Author Janice Romney, a cousin of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has penned the true, harrowing account of how domestic violence impacted her life and shares a uniquely inspirational story of a family's decision to unite and find healing through the power of love in her new nonfiction, "Beyond the Power of Love: A Woman's Journey through Betrayal of Religion and Spousal Abuse" (published by iUniverse).

Domestic violence occurs in every segment of today's society; no group or community is immune from it. According to Romney, more than one in four young women are the victims of it and 30 percent of girls between 15 - 19 who are killed are murdered by their boyfriends. These sobering statistics, combined with the author's own personal experience, were a powerful catalyst for writing "Beyond the Power of Love."

With a resounding theme of empowerment that is appropriate for February, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, "Beyond the Power of Love" looks at the emotional and physical effects of abuse as well as the suppression of women using religious indoctrination and the importance of breaking the code of silence. Romney also discusses the long-term impact of domestic violence on children who grow up witnessing it.

Praise for "Beyond the Power of Love":

STOP the cycle of abuse today! This book is a must read not only for survivors, but for their loved ones too! Transformation to get beyond the aftermath of abuse begins here, whether you have been abused as a child or an adult, or you're connected to someone that has been, Janice gives birth to a breakthrough and understanding so desperately needed today. Truly this book is one of the most painful stories I have ever read. For Janice to share such private, personal violence in an attempt to help many heal is to be admonished. The first steps towards deep inner healing can start today with, 'Beyond The Power of Love, a woman's journey through betrayal of religion and spousal abuse.' What a small cost to transform a precious soul.