Author Dan Kelly Invites Readers to 'Know God's Heart' in New Title from Xulon Press

Author Dan Kelly Invites Readers to 'Know God's Heart' in New Title from Xulon Press

MAITLAND, Fla., June 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ In his new book, God Wrote You a Love Letter: An Encouraging, Chronological Introduction to The Bible ($17.99, paperback, 9781629521602; $28.99, hardcover, 9781629524085; $8.99, e-book, 9781629521619) Dan Kelly re-introduces the purpose of God's Love Letter, the Bible. Dan speaks of God's heart, stating, "He wants us to know how much He loves us, and that is why He made us in His image with free will; choice. He made us to love Him back, knowing He can't force us toor it isn't love. God wants us to choose Him! And that set up the battle for our heart from the beginning of time." God Wrote You a Love Letter recently took first place in the Bible Studies category, and third place overall in the Spring 2014 Christian Writers Award contest, which saw hundreds of participants from seventeen different categories.

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"This book is all about perspective," states the author. "His Love Letter is all about the greatness each of us was created for! We were all created special with a special role that God is trusting us to fulfill. He wants us to be His intimate allies in the battle for Good over the influence of Evil in the lives of all we encounter. Is there any evidence in our life that Evil wants to prevent that? Yes! So God warns us in His Love Letter so we will be prepared. His Love Letter arms us to enjoy living, and loving, bravely; 'yoked' with Him by our side through it all!"

The first forty-one years of Dan's life were all about living life his way. Not wanting others to make the same mistake of missing out on the adventure of life that God specifically purposed them for, Dan began volunteering to teach four and five year-olds "the gift of life" in God's Love Letter (the Scripture) something he missed as a child growing up in church. Bringing God's Love Letter down to its simplest truth for the children turned out to be the greatest blessing for the author. This was the basis for God Wrote You a Love Letter. "So though this started out as His-Story for kidsit blossomed into a gift for any ageme most of all. Besides, aren't most of us 'kids' when it comes to understanding the mystery of God's Word? So doesn't a simplified re-introduction to His plan sound good? Refreshing? Encouraging?" He humbly adds, "I'm just a guy... trusting Jesus at His word, and sharing His gift the way He guided me to."

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