Monologues from Musicals!

Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 2/13/12 at 10:26am
Hi, I'm sending in an audition tape for a summer program and i need a 1-3 minute monologue from a musical! HELP!
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 2/13/12 at 03:30pm
So- it has to be from a musical? The first one I thought of is the one Roxie does in Chicago- I think it's before she sings the song Roxie. Also- I see you just joined the board so I'll let you know, the student board doesn't get many responses and the other boards may not help you because you just joined the boards and the first thing you did was ask for audition material. There are plenty of articles on google if you type in monologues from musicals. Good luck- oh- and it would have helped you more if you could use the words please, thank you, and maybe a little intro as to who you are. Anyway, good luck. Also- you can check the college confidential boards for musical theatre for suggestions.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 2/14/12 at 10:59am
You're sure the monologue has to be from a musical? The basic problem with such a request is that most "monologues from musicals" are songs.

You may have to cut and paste.

That said, the list is small:
The aforementioned Roxie
The Fantasticks (which is done way too often)
Anyone Can Whistle

There are probably more, but these are the ones that pop into my (and everyone else's) head.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 4/17/12 at 09:30pm
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown has some good ones.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 4/24/12 at 10:19am
Check out Stephen Schwartz's Working. It's pretty much entirely monologues/songs. There are very few scenes as it is a vignette of professions.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 4/25/12 at 04:52pm
Is There Life After High School has some great monologues. quite a few actually.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 5/14/12 at 06:07pm
There are also some of the girls in Cell Block Tango who have monologues although they are relatively short. My personal favorite is the gum one. I would so use that one for an audition.
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Monologues from Musicals!
Posted: 5/28/12 at 11:56am
Val has one from A Chorus Line...though there isn't much to it in terms of value.

You might could piece together on from Cassie from the same show.

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