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Jennifer Lawrence Sings Santana In AMERICAN HUSTLE Deleted Musical Scene

March 26
3:23 PM 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Sings Santana In AMERICAN HUSTLE Deleted Musical SceneWhile one of the absolute highlights of recent hit caper drama/comedy AMERICAN HUSTLE, directed by David O. Russell, is undoubtedly the ferocious lip-synching of Jennifer Lawrence to famous James Bond theme "Live And Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings, yet another passionate and persuasively performed musical number has recently surfaced on the new DVD and Blu-ray edition of the multi-award-winning film via the deleted scenes.

Lawrence sings along to Santana's 70s hit "Evil Ways" while cleaning the house in a hilarious and memorably forceful new musical moment now available to view.

Unfortunately, the scene did not make the final cut of the feature film, but we can enjoy it forever now thanks to the deleted scenes.

It's a surefire showstopper to scrub to, at least - that's for sure!

AMERICAN HUSTLE is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

View the new musical sequence from AMERICAN HUSTLE featuring Jennifer Lawrence below.

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