London Student - Half Term 1

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London Student - Half Term 1#1
Posted: 10/25/09 at 6:47pm
So i've been a student now in London for 7 weeks and have so far seen 21 shows. I feel as if im getting myself more and more addicted to going to shows. Im feeling that I have to see every musical/play thats on in the west end/national etc or im cheating myself out of seeing great things.

I worked out the average cost of each show and it was a surprisingly low... 12.95 a ticket. If you look around and dig deep, the offers are there! For example I bought an 85 Oliver premium seat for 20 on ebay! Perfect!
Seen 14 on West End, 3 at National, 1 at Donmar, 2 Off-west end and an Opera!

My top advice to London students who want to go to the theatre is:
*Take advantage of student standbys
*See stuff at the smaller venues like Union Theatre! I loved First Lady Suite here and am definitely going to go to Man of No Importance.
*Check Ebay Regularly
*Buy tickets ON THE DAY! If the upper circle is closed, and you ask for the cheapest seat up there half an hour before, they still have to sell you it. I got stalls for 15/10 for Rat Pack/Speaking in Tongues doing this.