Sanat Limani Opens Two New Exhibitions, 9/2

By: Aug. 25, 2010

Public exhibition venue to Istanbul the European Capital of Culture, Sanat Liman? is to host two new exhibitions.

"1st International Istanbul Triennial - Secret language of the City" and "Gençtopia S,M,L, XL " exhibitions will be opened at Sanat Liman? on Thursday, September 2 by 19:00.

In order to fulfill the location requirements of exhibitions to be realized in Istanbul, the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency opened the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture SANAT L?MANI on 19 June 2010 as a new venue for exhibitions at The Warehouse #5 after six months of reconstruction.

Ongoing exhibitions "Sea of Fate" and "European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today VOL.12" at Sanat Liman? will be closed as of 29 August whereas the exhibitions "A Space between" and "Architectural Counterpoints in Greece: From the 19th Century Tradition to 21st Century Mutations" stay open until September 19.

1st International Istanbul Triennial "Secret Language of the City"
Paintings, photographs, arrangements, statues and video type of productions produced around the concepts of "solitude and alienation" will be exhibited at Sanat Liman? on 2-19 September under the title "Secret Language of the City".

Designed as a portable exhibition for the 1st International Istanbul Triennial by HÜLYA YAZICI AKTA?, RAUF TUNCER, AY?E D. TA?KENT, UFUK DUYGUN, TAC? KÜNTÜZ,?PEK ?ENEL, RECEP AKAR, ?LHAM? ATALAY, H?LAL KÜNTÜZ, FATMA YILDIZ, DAVUT ÖZGÜL, MEL?KE DEM?RKAYNAK, ?D?L SAL?HA, EMEL ERKAN, KIVANÇ BA?KAN, ÖZLEM GÜZELYURT,N?HAN O?UZ, AKBARS, MERYEM & V?LDAN YABAN?GÜL, EMEL NEKAY, SENA AKTA?,B?RSEN KAR, HÜSEY?N GENÇ, SERAP SÖNMEZ and the curator HÜLYA YAZICI AKTA?, the "Secret Language of the City" exhibition will be on display at Eminönü - Hnkar Kasr? (Sultan's Pavilion) on 4-24 October after being displayed at Sanat Liman?.

"GENCTOP?A S, M, L, XL" Exhibition
Gul Cagin and Arzu Arda Kosar will be exhibiting mixed media photographs, video and installations at Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Sanat Liman? on 2-19 September under the title "GENCTOP?A S, M, L, XL" as the last leg of the project Coming of Age lunched in 2009.