Burn the Floor - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Benigno/Klein Producer
Tech Production Services, Inc. Production Manager
Caldwell/Allen Producer
Steven Baruch Producer
Brad Bauner Associate Producer
Rick Belzer Lighting Designer
Bruce Bolton Production Stage Manager
Boneau / Bryan-Brown General Press Representative
Peter J. Fitzgerald Sound Designer
Richard Frankel Producer
Dan Frishwasser Associate Producer
Peter Fulbright Production Manager
John Van Gastel Costume Designer
(Based On Original Designs By)
Jason Gilkison Choreographer
Mark S. Golub Producer
Janet Hine Costume Designer
Charlie Hull Music Consultant
Carrie Ann Inaba Producer
Serino Coyne, Inc. Advertising
Dance Partner Inc. Producer
(By Special Arrangement With)
Raj Kapoor Creative Consultant
Ray Klausen Scenic Designer
Sammy Ledbetter Company Manager
Richard Levi Producer
Allied Live Promotions
Director of Marketing
Earl Maneein Violin/Guitar
David Mann (i) Saxophone
Joan Marcus Production Photographer
Bud Martin Producer
Harley Medcalf Producer
John Miller Musical Coordinator
Nic Notley Associate Producer
Peta Roby Associate Producer
Marc Routh Producer
Henry Soriano Conductor
Roger Squitero Percussion
Thomas Viertel Producer
Joe Watson Producer
General Manager