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Oklahoma! - 2002 - Broadway

Green Grow the Lilacs. Play by Lynn Riggs.

On a farm in frontier Oklahoma, Laurey and Curley are obviously in love but conceal their feelings from each other by fighting. At a box social, their feelings become more complicated as another expresses interest in Laurey.


Gershwin Theatre (Broadway)

(New York, NY)
222 West 51st St.

Oklahoma! Broadway Cast


by Kristin Salaky - September 29, 2008
How exactly does Curly know the height of an elephant's eye? I don't mean to doubt the intelligence or inquisitiveness of the guy, but if I asked a pre-statehood Oklahoma cowboy how high the corn has grown, the first response I'd expect wouldn't be a comparison to the height of a proboscidea native to Africa and Asia. Perhaps he found a picture book in some public library, or maybe that famous Thomas Edison film of the electrocution of Topsy, the Coney Island elephant, had made its way to a local picture house.