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70s and Sunny - Live at 54 BELOW 2013


70s and Sunny - Live at 54 BELOW
Broadway Records

70s and Sunny - Live At 54 BELOW was recorded during her triumphant debut at the new Broadway hotspot 54 BELOW. 70s and Sunny debuted to sold-out houses at 54 BELOW in the summer of 2012. Andrea McArdle, Broadway's original ANNIE, the voice that helped define the seventies for many, revisits the music that defined that era for her and helped influence the artist she became. From Peter Allen to Stephen Schwartz, from Billy Joel to Broadway, from Jerry Herman to Marvin Hamlisch, 70s and Sunny rewards listeners with fresh takes on music heard on stages, on screens and on the radio. David Says:
Andrea McArdle opens her album with the 1977 disco hit "Native New Yorker." The song serves as a great prelude of the quintessentially 70s sound and lighthearted tone that fills the sentimental album. She thrills listeners with her evocative renditions of pop standards like "I Believe in Love," "Rainy Days And Mondays," and "Angry Young Man." Her powerful and beautiful vocals make "Fallin'," "Being Alive," "Tomorrow," and "Over the Rainbow" feel completely fresh. Every song on the disc effervesces with energy and emotionality. Also, McArdle's spoken vignettes on the album sublimely let us come to know her as a person. The band behind McArdle shows incredible talent and impressive charisma across the tracks, crafting a stunning tapestry that resplendently compliments McArdle's captivating voice. Music Direction and Arrangements by Steve Marzullo are simply phenomenal.

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