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Jacksonville, FL

@TaneshaCarol - 2/19/19 11:30pm Someone out there needs to hear this right now. Itís okay to be sad sometimes. As long as you move through it, notÖ https://

@TaneshaCarol - 2/11/19 12:16am I just had a very sad realization. Iíve never been to a Father-daughter dance and I wonít ever get that chance again. #RandomThoughts

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Birth Place: Jacksonville, FL
Gender: Female
Latest News on Tanesha Bridenback

Tanesha Bridenback is a junior in Theatre Studies at UCF. Her UCF credits include It's a Match! (Tinder), Once in My Life (Participant), and The Vagina Monologues. Some of her former theatre credits include: Best of Broadway (Ensemble), Christmas Belles (Rhonda Lynn Lampley), Class of í59: 10 Year Reunion (Sandra), Teen Angst: The Bitch of Living (Plain Jane), and The Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch). You can see her next in Gianni Schicchi as Maestro Spinelloccio for UCF: Celebrates the Arts at The Dr. Philips Center.