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PimComedy The Musical at Actors Temple Theater


3/19/2022 - 4/28/2022


Actors Temple Theater

the set nyc

339 West 47th Street
New York ,NY 10036
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PimComedy The Musical in Off-Off-Broadway

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PimComedy the Musical , a story of Darkness to light. Finding light and love in the middle of Hell. Finding happiness in dark places. Story of Ana, my stripper girlfriend. She tried to kill me multiple times. Story of Heaven on Earth, and new love and new life. Beautiful trees and snow, everlasting sun and a magical kingdom. Unicorns and love everywhere. Story of the Mafia beating me up . My face got bashed in , and I broke my jaw and eye socket. God miraculously healed me. Story of LOVECRAFT, how the crazy bar owner was trying to get me to buy more drinks. And force artists to buy more drinks. How many drinks are we able to drink? I have a small bladder. PimComedy The Musical. Satan in the Lake of Fire.

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