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DEBATING THE DICE READ-THROUGH - Virtual Non Equity Auditions

Posted: January 4, 2021
Audition Location: Submission,

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When Ollie Williams got kicked out for coming out as non-binary, they thought their life couldn't get any worse. Then they learned that to become the debate team captain, they would have to debate their crush and argue that non-binary identities don't exist. As Ollie navigates debate team politics, treacherous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and falling in love, they must figure out who, exactly, they are. When the dice don't roll exactly how you wanted, you don't know where you're going to end up. All you can do is keep debating the dice.

Auditions should consist of:

-Your name and pronouns

-Who you would like to audition for

-A monologue of your choosing

Auditions can be sent to until January 22, 2020. Callbacks will be contacted on February 1 and will be accepted until February 14. Cast List will be announced on February 19. Age doesn't really matter for auditions, these are just the ages of the characters.


Ollie Williams - 17-years-old, they/them. Nerdy and eccentric, slightly childish. Ollie is still figuring out who they are, but they know that they're head over heels for the girl who's stolen their heart, Max. Ollie has a lot of personal growth throughout the musical.

Max Alonso - 17, she/they. Reserved and tough. Ollie's rival turned lover, with a home life that would make anyone a little afraid of trust.

Elle Birch - 17, she/her. Ollie's best friend. The mom of the group, incredibly protective of Ollie. 

Nicky McDonnell - 17, he/him. The sweetest of the group, Elle's boyfriend.

Davis Johnson "DJ" - 17, he/they. Ollie's guy best friend, DM of all the DnD sessions, and the most stubborn person you've ever met. 

Tabitha Mercado "Bit" - 16, she/her. The youngest member of the friend group feels a little left out sometimes. Knows exactly what she wants.

Meadow Robinson - 16, she/her. Ollie's ex-girlfriend who has been to conversion therapy and has now "turned straight." One antagonist of the story, tries to set Ollie up for failure.

Lucy Williams - late 20's, she/her. Ollie's aunt who takes them in after being kicked out. Super laid back.

Diana Williams - older adult, she/her. Ollie's mother who rejects the idea of them being gay and non-binary. Kicks Ollie out and tries to send them to conversion therapy.

Mrs. Jacobs - older adult, she/her. Ollie's English teacher and debate team coach.

Crew, Noah, Phoebe, and Eveline - teenagers, all pronouns. The ensemble who appear in both the DnD scenes and high school scenes.

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