The voices within at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


3/27/2013 - 4/28/2013


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rovello, 2
Milano,Lombardy 20121

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€18,00 - €30.00
Phone: +39

The voices within in Italy

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After a long international tour of Goldoni's Trilogy, Toni Servillo back to work on dramaturgy napoletana.
"Eduardo De Filippo-explains Servillo-is the most extraordinary and perhaps the last representative of a popular contemporary dramaturgy, after him the prevalence of formal aspect has increasingly strayed from a theater popular authentically. The voices within is the comedy where Eduardo, while maintaining an atmosphere suspended between reality and illusion, hot, with more determination and deepening in the bad conscience of his characters, and then the same audience. The murder of a friend, dreamed by Alberto Saporito protagonist, who then believe it actually committed by the family of his neighbors, sets in motion the dark suspicions and blackmail schemes. You get a real ' guilty conscience ' atomization, of which Alberto Saporito feels simultaneously witness tragically accomplice, impossible to do nothing to redeem himself. Eduardo writes this comedy on the rubble of the second world war, portraying it with a drop in sharpness values that would have distinguished the company, not only Italian, for decades to come. And still it looks like Alberto Saporito, character-man, comes down from the stage to get closer to the viewer telling him that the story you are telling it, because we are all victims, overwhelmed by indifference, of another world war. "
A large company of actors Neapolitans of various generations have staged Toni Servillo, Peppe brother onwards, as Savoury, also brother Charles in the comedy.

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