I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER Equity Actors - Denver Center for the Performing Arts Auditions

Posted May 16, 2024
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I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER - Denver Center for the Performing Arts


Denver Center for the Performing Arts | Denver, CO

Notice: Submission


LORT Non-Rep

$1115 weekly minimum (LORT C)


Equity actors for roles in I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER (see breakdown).

All roles will be understudied.



Please complete the form in the link below by 05/30/24 for the opportunity to be invited to audition in person or submit a video. The Bass/Valle Casting team will be reviewing all digital submissions.

Link to submission form: https://airtable.com/appvoAwymY0VJKWj9/shrFjW37VTJik8Yfy

Deadline: 05/30/2024




Playwright: Isaac Gómez

Director: Laura Alcala Baker

LORT C Contract

The Kilstrom Theatre


Artistic Director: Chris Coleman

Playwright: Isaac Gómez

Director: Laura Alcalá Baker


Casting: Gama Valle, Bass/Valle Casting & Grady Soapes, CSA




OPENING: 10/04/24

CLOSING: 11/03/24



Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

SYNOPSIS: This vibrant and poignant adaptation of Erika L. Sánchez’s New York Times Bestseller follows Júlia, a Chicago high schooler who is definitely not your perfect Mexican daughter. That’s her older sister Olga’s role. But everything in Júlia’s life weighs heavier after Olga dies in a tragic accident, leaving Júlia to manage her family’s grief and unravel the secret truth — that her sister may not have been so perfect after all. As she struggles with the all-too-real challenges of coming of age in Chicago and the sense that she’s failing to live up to her family’s expectations, Júlia barely clings onto her dream of becoming a writer and is left questioning what she really knows about anything. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter is a love story to young Chicanas who, in trying to find the truth about the people and the world around them, end up finding themselves.


JÚLIA – (She/Her/Hers, Mexican American/Chicana, 18+ to play 15 to 18 years old) Thicc/Chubby/Fat/Plus Size. Morena or morena clara, just like her dad. Chewed up nails. Wants more than anything to be a famous writer. The odd daughter out. Not your perfect Mexican daughter.

OLGA – (She/Her/Hers, Mexican American/Chicana, early 20s) Permanently twenty-two, but never looked or acted like a normal twenty-two year old. Tall, thin, and very light skinned. Almost guera. All she ever did was go to work, sit at home with her parents, and take one class at the local community college. The perfect Mexican daughter. Except, maybe not. Oh. And she's Júlia's sister. And she’s dead. Doubles as PATTY, ANGIE, JAZMYN, MERMAID OLGA. When Olga doubles as other characters, she's less different people, and more like Olga-versions of them; she’s a lot like what Júlia sees (or wants to see) in the wake of Olga's absence.

AMÁ – (She/Her/Hers, Mexican, 40s/50s) Probably more attractive than most people half her age. Also known as Amparo Montenegro Reyes. Very light skinned, almost guera. Almost. Has had a tough life and gives tough love to show for it. She cleans the houses of rich white people in Chicago and been doing that for like thirty years. Júlia and Olga's mother. Well. I guess just Julia's now. Doubles as MAMÁ JACINTA, DR. COOKE, HOMELESS WOMAN.

APÁ – (He/Him/His, Mexican. 40s/50s) Very handsome with a dark mustache that quivers when he tries to hold back emotions. Also known as Rafael Reyes. Definitely rounder. Moreno or darker. Very important. Has lived to see more than most and keeps to himself, so you'd never know it. Works for a candy factory and has been there since he immigrated to Chicago with Amá back in the 1990's. A softy at heart. Doubles as TÍO BIGOTES, TÍO CHUCHO, JOSE LUIS, JUANGA'S DAD.

LORENA – (She/Her/Hers, Mexican American/Chicana, 18+ to play mid to late teens) The craziest bitch in the entire school. Some might call her a hoe, but she calls herself sexy as f*&$ and has no shame in her body. Morena or morena clara. Has been through most teens her age and so her tough ass puta persona is a manifestation of that. No one is more loyal than her. Chola energy 100%. Aspires to be a nurse and is Júlia's bestest friend in the entire world. Doubles as BELEN.

JUANGA – (They/Them/Theirs or He/Him/His, Mexican American/Chicano/e, 18+ to play mid to late teens) The newest member of the Lorena/Júlia group. They see him and he sees them. His real name is Juan Garcia, but everyone calls him Juanga. Femme as fuck and couldn't be more proud of it. Moreno/e or Moreno/e claro. He can be kind of a bitch, but really just wants to be seen and loved. Makes his own identity so others will like him. Doubles as ESTEBAN.

CONNER – (He/Him/His, White, 18+ to play mid to late teens) The dreamiest white boy in all of Evanston. Yes, that's right. Evanston. The richest, whitest, most colonialist suburb of the Chicagoland area. It's okay though cause he reads a lot so he kind of knows what's up. Total book nerd, video game nerd, movie nerd -- just a total nerd. No one could be more enamored by Júlia than Conner.

MR. INGMAN – (He/Him/His, White, 40s/50s) Júlia's high school English teacher. More passionate about teaching than most. He is one of those teachers you can't help but fall in love with while learning from them. But he's not a creep, and never abuses his relationships with his students, no. He just simply has a way of making them feel like they're actual humans with thoughts, desires, dreams, passions, fears, and so on.

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