DIAL M FOR MURDER Equity Actors - Syracuse Stage Auditions

Posted May 15, 2024
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DIAL M FOR MURDER - Syracuse Stage

DIAL M FOR MURDER - Submit for NYC appointments Syracuse Stage | Syracuse, NY

Notice: Submission


LORT Non-Rep

$1125 weekly minimum (LORT C)


Equity actors for roles in DIAL M FOR MURDER (see breakdown).

Bass/Valle Casting encourages people of all races, ages, ethnicities, abilities and gender identities to apply.



Please, fill out the form below by 5/30/24, for an opportunity to receive a self-tape request.

The Bass/Valle Casting team will review all self-submissions.

Link to Self-Submit Form:

Deadline: 05/30/2024



Director: Robert M. Hupp

Playwright: Jeffrey Hatcher

Adapted by: Frederick Knott


Bass/Valle Casting Casting Director: Gama Valle

Associate Casting Director: Gregory Jafari Van Acker


Initials: self-tape by invitation only

Callbacks: 6/06/24 and 6/07/24

First Rehearsal: 9/24/24

First Preview: 10/16/24

Opening: 10/18/24

Closing: 11/3/24


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.




Margot and Tony live a seemingly charmed married life in 1950’s London. But not all is as it appears: Margot, desperate to return to her idyllic domesticity, has ended a lengthy affair with a dashing American lover even as she’s being blackmailed by someone threatening to expose her indiscretion to her husband. But Tony already knows and has a plot of twisted revenge on his mind. Adapted from Frederick Knott's original, made famous by Aflred Hitchcock’s film, Jeffrey Hatcher’s taut adaptation keeps the twists coming until the very end.

NOTE: Actors of color are encouraged to submit.

NOTE regarding dialects: Actors are encouraged to work on dialects, but please know that the production will have dialect coaches on staff for the show.


Maxine Hadley – Female-identifying, 35-45, any race/ethnicity. American. A murder mystery writer, smart, tough, worldly, has an affair with Margot, works with Tony.

Tony Wendice – Male-identifying, 35-45, any race/ethnicity. British dialect. Clever, smart, dashing; seemingly a good man but has a dark and scheming side. Married Margot for her money. A failed novelist.

Lesgate – Male-identifying, 35-45, any race/ethnicity. British dialect. Appears strong and a bit threatening but is desperate. An old schoolmate of Tony’s. A convicted criminal, Tony blackmails him to murder Margot.

Inspector Hubbard – Male-identifying, 45-55, any race/ethnicity. British dialect. A police inspector. Insightful, by the book, intelligent, proper.

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