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CRIME AND PUNISHMENT - Centerstage Auditions

Posted: January 3, 2011

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CRIME AND PUNISHMENT– Photo / Resume Request

Centerstage (Baltimore, MD)LORT C; $696/week minimum

Artistic Director: Irene Lewis

Artistic Administrator: Katie Byrnes

Director: Jason Loewith

Writer: Fydor Dostoevsky Adaptation: Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus

Casting Director: Janet Foster

1st Rehearsal: 3/18/11. Runs: 4/13 - 5/15/11

NYC auditions will be held in January 2011, TBD,

by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from

Actors' Equity Members onlyfor these particular auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to Janet Foster

Please indicate in subject line: “CRIME AND PUNISHMENT appointments / AEA Member Self Submit”



45-54, the police inspector trying to figure out a puzzling crime. Unlike our cop-show types, Porfiry is far more curious and fancies himself a bit of an intellectual and is fascinated by the latest trends in criminal psychology. He loves the challenge of trying to ferret out the truth, and loves to keep his suspects guessing. And he is persistent. Boy is he persistent. Also plays Marmeladov, a loud and obnoxious drunk given to swings of emotion and philosophical displays when under the influence.


25-34, an ex-law student. But unlike the graduate student type in Chekhov, this guy has a simmering volcano beneath the surface. He thinks so much, so deeply and so passionately that his thoughts can’t fit in his brain and threaten to explode from his head. Probably lanky, pale, on the verge of malnourishment. Hungry in many ways. Too sensitive for his own good, a clinical depressive before there was such a thing.


20-25, younger than Raskolnikov, her innocence is always about to leave her in the play. She is probably not particularly pretty; in fact, she’s likely to be plain. Thin and pale, possibly painfully so. What is attractive about Sonia is her curiosity and innocence, and her wide-eyed belief in the innate goodness of man. Fragile, though not in the Laura Wingfield/southern sense. Also plays Alyona Ivanova, a 60ish, miserly and extremely nasty pawnbroker – the living opposite of Sonia

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