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BRISTOL RIVERSIDE THEATRE 2011-12 SEASON - Bristol Riverside Theatre Auditions

Posted: June 29, 2011

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Bristol Riverside Theatre 2011-12 Season

– Equity Principal Auditions

Bristol PA LOA (approval/salary level pending. 2010-11 weekly minimum: $439).

Producer: Susan Atkinson

Artistic Dir: Keith Baker

Equity Principal Auditions:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Pearl Studios NYC “500”

10 AM - 6 PM500 Eighth Avenue, 4th Floor

Lunch from 1 - 2.New York City

If singing, please prepare a 16-bar selection appropriate to the season AND a 1-minute contemporary monologue. Bring sheet music in the correct key; accompanist is provided, but may not transpose. If not singing, prepare two contrasting 1-minute monologues.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

All roles are available unless otherwise specified:

BARRYMOREby William Luce. Dir: Jon Marans. 1st reh: 9/20/11. Runs 10/11-10/30.

The Prompter:

Man, 20s - 40s. Extremely private individual who enjoys the silence. Seemingly stoic and reserved, but has an irrepressible – perhaps even quietly malicious – sense of humor underneath. Modern-day Buster Keaton, adept at physical comedy.

The role of Barrymore is cast. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

GYPSY Music: Jule Styne. Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim. Book: Arthur Laurents. Dir: Keith Baker. Mus Dir and Choreo TBA. 1st reh: 11/15/11. Runs 12/6/11 - 1/15/12.

All roles (except Rose) are available, including

Herbie, June, Louise, Tulsa, Tessie Tura, Mazeppa, Electra, Baby June, Baby Louise, Other Small Roles.

The role of Rose is cast (Tovah Feldshuh). Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

A RAW SPACEby Jon Marans. Dir: Keith Baker. 1st reh: 1/10/12. Runs 1/31 - 2/19/12.

Susu Ziegler:

Late 30s/early 40s. Great vitality, sexy. Somewhat rubenesque. Having grown up rich, has a real sense of entitlement, perhaps even talks somewhat grandly. Also extremely bright, knows what she likes and is more serious by nature. She’s a taker.


40s or 50s. Susu’s husband, perhaps with some girth. Equal vitality. Good-looking. A huge ham, extremely opinionated and theatrical. A bit of a slob. He is more fun by nature. A giver. Has a big heart.

Rod Menin:

30s, 40s. Rising-star architect. Good-looking. Ridiculously smart. Sharp edges; not remotely sentimental. Has a weird emotional disconnect at times; touch of Asperger’s syndrome. And a touch of modern-day poet.


Late 30s – early 40s. Rod’s wife. Once an old fiend of Susu’s. Bronx accent. Very tough exterior. Quite smart. Oddly beautiful. A touch of insanity and jealousy that she mostly hides very well.

STEEL MAGNOLIASby Robert Harling. Dir: Susan D. Atkinson. 1st reh: 2/28/12. Runs 3/20 - 4/8/12.

Truvy Jones:

40ish. Owner of the beauty shop.

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto:

19. Beauty shop assistant.

Clairee Belcher:

66ish. Widow of the former mayor. Grande dame.

Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie:

25. Prettiest girl in town.

M’lynn Eatenton:

50ish. Shelby’s mother. Socially prominent career woman.

Ouiser Boudreaux:

66ish. Wealthy curmudgeon. Acerbic but lovable.

RENTby Jonathan Larson. Dir, Mus Dir TBA. 1st reh: 4/17/12. Runs 5/8 - 5/27/12.

Mark Cohen:

Jewish. Struggling documentary filmmaker. Narrator of the show. Roger and Collins’s roommate until Collins moves out. Maureen’s ex-boyfriend. Baritone/tenor.

Roger Davis:

Once-successful but now struggling musician. HIV-positive and an “ex-junkie”. Hopes to write one last meaningful song before he dies. Having a hard time coping with the fact that he, along with many others around him, know they are going to die. His girlfriend April killed herself after finding out they had HIV. Roommates with Mark. Tenor.

Mimi Marquez:

Club dancer. Drug addict. Lives downstairs from Mark and Roger. Roger’s love interest who, like him, has HIV. Benny’s ex-girlfriend. Contralto/belter.

Tom Collins:

Gay. Anarchist. Has AIDS. Described by Mark as “a computer genius; teacher; vagabond anarchist who ran naked trough the Parthenon”. Dreams of opening a restaurant in Santa Fe, where the problems in New York will not affect him and his friends. Formerly a roommate of Roger, Mark, Benny and Maureen, then just Roger and Mark, until he moves in with Angel. Baritone/tenor.

Angel Dumott Schunard:

Young drag queen, street percussionist. Has AIDS. Collins’s love interest. Tenor (with falsetto).

Maureen Johnson:

Bisexual. Performance artist. Mark’s ex-girlfriend, Joanne’s current girlfriend. Very flirtatious; cheated on Mark a lot. Mezzo soprano/belter.

Joanne Jefferson:

Ivy League-educated public interest lawyer. Lesbian. The woman for whom Maureen left Mark. Has very important parents (one is undergoing confirmation to be a judge, the other is a government official). Contralto.

Benjamin “Benny” Coffin, III:

Landlord of Mark, Roger and Mimi’s apartment building; ex-roommate of Mark, Collins, Roger and Maureen. Now married to Alison Grey of the Westport Greys, a very wealthy family involved in real estate, and is considered a yuppie sell-out by his ex-roommates. Also Mimi’s ex-boyfriend. Baritone.

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