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AMERICAN STARE - New Jersey Repertory Company Auditions

Posted: April 10, 2012

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AMERICAN STARE (world premiere)

- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments

New Jersey Repertory Company(Long Branch, NJ)

SPT TIER 4($302/wk)+ P & H.Housingprovided(at the beach).

1 round-trip transportation ticket provided.

Executive Director: Gabor Barabas

Artistic Director: SuzAnne Barabas

Writer: Tony Glazer

Director: Evan Bergman

Casting: Judy Bowman

NY REH: May 21 for 1 weekin NYC.NJ REH: May 29-June 13

OPEN: June 14.CLOSE: July 22, 2012

NYC auditions will be held on April 25, 2012, by appointment only.

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:


140CabriniBlvd #10

New York, NY10033

Mark envelopes: American Stare Submission

SUMMARY: AMERICAN STARE is the newest play from award-winning playwright Tony Glazer. Set in a trailer park in South Florida, this new dark comedy, mines the visceral anger of the disenfranchised white lower class. Following the spiraling lives of three sets of people; a widowed woman and her pit-bull, a disabled and accused child-predator, and a couple and their teenage daughter, we are challenged to see the world through their eyes -- a world led by a broken moral compass and tainted with the pervasiveness of special interests. In the end, we learn the true meaning of community.


Charles Mooney:

Male (late 20s-early30s)Good looking, blue-collar construction worker who is married to his former high-school teacher, Allison. Father to Jonatha, and friend to the entire trailer park, Charles is easy going until he has had too much to drink, which happens often. Not just a tough-guy: he is smart and deep and really shows the pain of the ‘working man’.

Allison Mooney:

female (mid-late 40s) wife to the much younger Charles Mooney and mother to Jonathan. Sexually voracious but her looks are fading -- she is 'Rode-hard and put away wet.' Allisonis a former teacher who nowbags groceries at a local grocery store. Can be a bit trashy.

Clark Felix: male

(30s-40s)beer drinking, conspiracy loving,angry Southern man. Lives in a broken down trailer in a small south Florida community. Was castrated by an angry mob who believed him to be a child predator.

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