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A DRAM OF DRUMMHICIT - La Jolla Playhouse Auditions

Posted: March 10, 2011

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A Dram of Drummhicit (L.A. self submit)

La Jolla Playhouse|La Jolla, CA

Send To
Casting - A Dram of Drumchhicit - AEA Member
Attn: Marike Fitzgerald
P.O. Box 12039
La Jolla CA92039


LORT Non-Rep

Seeking submissions from Actors’ Equity Members only.
Please read notice carefully, and submit ONLY if you are right for one or more roles.

Other Dates
Rehearsal - April 12
Preview - May 17
Close: June 12

By Arthur Kopit and Anton Dudley
Directed by Christopher Ashley

In the e-mail subject line: DRAM AEA Self Submission - LA
Deadline for submission: 3/17/11

Auditions will be held in LA the week of March 21st.

Breakdown Note:
A Dram of Drumchhicit is a modern comedy set in rural Scotland. Characters are variously Scottish, American, and British: required accent is noted with each description.

Angus MacLeod (a.k.a. Old Angus) (late 50s – mid-60s):
Scottish. Angus is a fisherman, and the fish have gone away: he knows it’s not an accident.
Therefore, one needs to see a sense of tragedy in him, and yet life. Old Angus has spirit and impeccable dry comic timing. He also has Fiona, his daughter, and no father has ever loved a daughter more.

Fiona MacLeod (Angus’s daughter) (mid to late 20s, could be 30):
Scottish. Pretty, and saucy, and sexy, with great comic chops. The temperament of a fiery redhead. Like all the Scots, it's a dry sense of humor she has. Utterly unself-conscious about her body (brief nudity in one scene).

William Ross (a.k.a. Old Willy) (needs to be old, but not decrepit; late 60s would be good):
Scottish. Think Jim Norton. Ross needs to be crotchety, and quirky, with one leg half in the grave. He’s done a bad thing and knows it. (He’s betrayed the island.) He’s also got a very bad cold, and knows it’s not the flu but the gods, angry with him. (He needs to be older than Harry or Bruce, and more of an “odd ball” than any of the others.)

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