VIDEO: Anoop Desai Debuts New Video for Single 'Love War'

Electro-pop singer/songwriter Anoop Desai has debuted the music video for "Love War", the single from his newly released EP, 3 Cheers. The video was unveiled on December 28th. Click below to watch!

The video's visual aspects play along to the theme of love and war as a unanimous object. Depicting schemes of romance paired with footage of war battles, the imagery portrays a stream of consciousness expressing passion, fear, hope, and insanity. The video acts as an inner trip playing off of the song's energy.

"It's never simple or neat when you're in a 'love war', and I wanted to bring that out," says Anoop.

The video follows up on 3 Cheers, Anoop's latest EP released on November 20th, 2012. Working alongside DJ/producer ADHD, the five track EP is a cross-genre Spectrum of sounds. The record incorporates a wide range of electronic-infused styles with elements of pop and even rock 'n' roll. Pushing the boundaries of dance music, 3 Cheers is a unique and ambitious production that establishes Anoop's place in EDM.

The album is available for purchase now at iTunes, Beatport, and SoundCloud Stream.

VIDEO: Anoop Desai Debuts New Video for Single 'Love War'