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TANGLED: A VIRTUAL CONCERT: An Inspiring Production In The Age Of Covid Streaming Now

TANGLED: A VIRTUAL CONCERT: An Inspiring Production In The Age Of Covid Streaming Now

An intense motivation and extreme passion for the arts are the main factors that lead Latinx teenager Eylisabeth Bengochea to a new solution for both performers and fans: virtual musicals. When the Covid crisis brought the arts to a screeching halt, she knew something had to be done to ensure that theater stayed alive, something unique that would engage the audience of young theatre lovers and reignite their enthusiasm in the arts.

Eylisabeth, through her charity Voices for Kindness, and thanks to the kindness and willingness to donate time and expertise of numerous Broadway performers, was able to take on the task of interviewing artists on staying creative and maintaining mental health during the pandemic. Guests in these Positive Performer Talks included the likes of Tally Sessions, Kennedy Caughell, James A Pierce III, and many more. The talks proved popular on instagram where kids and teens found themselves connecting with artists on a whole new level; but Eylisabeth knew something more was needed.

Inspired by the tenacity and drive the incredible performers she interviewed showed, and with the sad news that Broadway would be closed for the remainder of the year, Eylisabeth decided the world needed a more interactive project that would promote the arts and feed the creative delve in the world, and soon, Tangled: A Virtual Concert was born.

In partnership with her charity, Eylisabeth devised a fresh, fair use retelling of the beloved Disney film Tangled. Scenes were all recorded live through zoom, and the entire production was put on completely Covid safe. The performance goes from show stopping numbers like "Mother Knows Best" and "I've Got A Dream" to a magical rendition of "I See the Light." Despite occurring digitally, these scenes never disappoint and the character interactions truly feel like a live performance. The chemistry of the cast cannot even be stopped by a computer screen!

Another enticing element of the project is the fact that at the helm is a member of the very audience being targeted, a passionate young performer.

"Lin Manuel Miranda has always been a huge inspiration to me as a latinx composer and writer coming up in this industry. Hopefully one day I can be like the female, Cuban version of him... maybe Liz Manuel haha; and so when I started getting messages from moms saying their children loved the show, or hispanic families sending me pictures of their little girls overjoyed at latina Rapunzel, it means the world to me. Because at the end of the day, this project really is for anyone missing what makes our community so special: the art. If even one person watches Tangled and smiles, then I feel like my job is done. And to be honest, it's easy to smile when watching people as talented as my cast members. I have so much respect and admiration for them."

Leading the group as Rapunzel, Eylisabeth is joined by teens from all walks of life, brought to light by Voices for Kindness. Their energy and joy is unmatched, and they are a big part of what makes this virtual concert so special.

Among the other young actors, Eylisabeth Bengochea (Nationwide Theatre Performances, Numerous Seasons with the Florida Grand Opera, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer of award winning short The 7 Deadly Sins... and Luke) steps up to bring the ever kind, energetic, and courageous Rapunzel to life. Broadway alumni Martina Sykes (Motown: The Musical, The Lion King, and cofounder of the SykesKids Scholarship alongside her brother Ephraim Sykes) brilliantly takes on the role of manipulative villain Mother Gothel. They are also joined by the very talented Dillon Klena (Starry a Pop-Rock Musical at Feinstein's/54 Below, Seasons: A New Musical Song Cycle) who expertly assumes the role of charming thief Flynn Rider.

The show is not one to be missed! To experience the magic for yourself, go to @voicesforkindness on Instagram, or check out this link: Tangled: A Virtual Concert

DISCLAIMER: given the charitable and educational nature of this free virtual concert, this is a Fair Use production as defined under section 107 of the US Copyright Act

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