Singing Valentine Delivery Troupe The Valentonez Return for 2013, 1/11-14

Singing Valentine Delivery Troupe The Valentonez Return for 2013, 1/11-14

The Valentonez polish up for a second round of baby making music for Valentines Day 2013!

The Valentonez, the hit live singing Valentine delivery troupe, is back after a wildly successful 2012 season. Created by Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish, two Peabody Conservatory trained vocalists, the Valentonez are pleased to announce they'll be offering the same services for Valentines Day 2013.

Knowing how many people struggle to find that original Valentine's Day gift, Britt and Melissa spoke of the idea early 2012 of a singing troupe "for hire" to visit a workplace, a restaurant, even a special spot to serenade a loved one. "After all the great feedback we received last year, how could we pass up another opportunity to spread the love?" says Wimbish. "Plus - it was so fun," she added.

Wimbish and Olsen-Ecker chose a list of 14 songs (a tribute to Valentine's Day being on February 14th), which include everything from rocking Outkast tunes to romantic songs in Spanish. These songs can be selected for certain packages, or, for a little extra cash, you can request tunes of your own.

But not to worry, The Valentonez is not just for lovers. There are many songs to cheer up a lonely heart, or just plain embarrass the heck out of someone.

The Valentonez can be booked for various times from February 11th through that special day, February 14th. The troupe is willing to travel a maximum of 15 miles outside of Baltimore City.

The Valentonez are:
Paul Diem, guitar and vocals
Britt Olsen-Ecker, vocals and whistling
Aldo Pantoja, guitar and vocals
Melissa Wimbish, vocals and clarinet

Specialized packages include: 1st Base ($55), 2nd Base ($65), 3rd Base ($85), and the Home Run ($125, with a special gift)! For more information, visit or email

Pictured: Melissa Wimbish, Britt Olsen-Ecker, Aldo Pantoja, Paul Diem, and Chef Cindy Wolf