Multi-Media Audiobook THE GRIEVING PROJECT Helps Chronic Illness Survivors Thrive

California artist Lisa Sniderman released THE GRIEVING PROJECT on August 31.

By: Sep. 02, 2020

Multi-Media Audiobook THE GRIEVING PROJECT Helps Chronic Illness Survivors Thrive

After battling a rare, debilitating chronic illness since 2008, California artist Lisa Sniderman decided she would turn her disease into an opportunity to heal herself and others - especially at this time during a global pandemic when healing is necessary on so many levels. On August 31st, the multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, recording artist, playwright, filmmaker and author, also known as Aoede, released her spoken word audiobook, The Grieving Project (published by Author's Republic), which sets the stages of grief to music to move us from surviving to thriving. In the audiobook, four actors with chronic illness (including Sniderman) narrate an emotional journey through the 7 stages of grieving and the 7 stages of thriving, set to 22 tracks of original instrumental music. Concept and lyrics were written by Sniderman. The music was produced, composed, arranged and engineered by acclaimed musical director Angelo "Scrote" Bundini, who has produced and collaborated with Aoede on many of her albums. 50% of the proceeds from The Grieving Project will be donated to Myositis Support and Understanding (MSU), a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers the Myositis Community.

Living with dermatomyositis (a rare chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease marked by muscle weakness and skin rash) for more than 12 years, Sniderman decided to not just survive but to thrive. She recognized that she first needed to grieve, which she views as a 7-stage process (adapted from renowned psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross), that includes: shock/disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance/hope. She says, "In The Grieving Project, I forgot to grieve my illness, so I've invited myself to grieve and thrive; to express and feel in all the ways I've intentionally avoided, and from my own experiences, created seven new stages of thriving that pick up after grieving."

Through The Grieving Project, Sniderman hopes she can empower others struggling with chronic illnesses as well as their families and friends who support them. She says the audiobook "is a road map to our hearts, an invitation for you to grieve your loss, your change, your unexpected and unwanted transformation, and the inspiration and encouragement you need to awaken, express, rejuvenate, activate, connect, shine and truly thrive!"

The Grieving Project features narrators Lisa Sniderman, Rachel Fulginiti, Lauren Freedman, and David Francisco, as well as artist Jasmine Raskas who created the album artwork - all of whom have had experiences with chronic illness. Participating musicians include Orchestra Nostalgico and special guests.

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Multi-Media Audiobook THE GRIEVING PROJECT Helps Chronic Illness Survivors Thrive

Lisa Sniderman, aka Aoede, is an award-winning, quirky, folk-pop artist, playwright, author, filmmaker from San Francisco who obsessively creates to heal. She creates and records unique, original full-length fantasy musicals on audiobooks that she adapts to musical theater stage plays. She's been honored with more than 85 awards for songwriting, audiobooks, films, stage plays and books since 2012 all while suffering from a rare autoimmune disease for more than 12 years: dermatomyositis, a progressive muscle weakness disease. Her memoir: A Light in the Darkness: Transcending Chronic Illness through the Power of Art and Attitude, chronicles her 10-year journey living with chronic illness while creating to heal. In July, she held a free two-week online summit sharing 60 videos she recorded with experts during the past year, to help others living with chronic illness thrive, attended by 1,800 participants.

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