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Tory Gates


BWW Interview: Gareth Coker, Composer of 'Ori and Will of the Wisps'
June 1, 2020

'Don't be afraid to have a crack at the industry, but if you are, you have to be ultra-committed because if you're not committed, you're already going to be behind.'

BWW Interview: Eliza Neals Forges Blues-Rock Outing on 'Black Crow Moan'
April 27, 2020

'I think this album is as closest to the way I hear it in my head.' -- Eliza Neals, describing 'Black Crow Moan'

BWW Interview: Albert Castiglia Releases Live Album, 'Wild and Free'
April 15, 2020

'I think everybody just needs to do what's in their heart and play what they need to play. I don't think the blues has to go any particular direction; I think everybody who creates in this genre need to do it their own way.' -- Albert Castiglia, on the future of the blues...

BWW Interview: Dave Goddess Group Returns with 'Once in a Blue Moon'
March 2, 2020

'When I get inspired to write something, or a I see something interesting, or a topic strikes me, I just dig into it, and whatever comes out comes out.' -- Dave Goddess

Odds Lane, 'Lost and Found' Debuts on Gulf Coast Records
January 20, 2020

'The blues have always been an influence on every style of music, and the widening of the door is letting more things through. I think it's a good thing, the more variety and different options you have can only lead to better and better music.'

BWW Interview: Jimmy Carpenter Brings the Sax with SOUL DOCTOR
January 13, 2020

'To me, blues is the basis of all of it, rock and roll, soul, R&B, hip-hop, anything that's got should to it comes out of the blues.'

BWW Interview: Vanessa Collier Shines with Self-Released CD, HONEY UP!
December 16, 2019

'I've listened to a lot (of music); therefore, a lot's going to come out, if it's just a true expression of me. I think everyone has their own voice, and I just happened to find what works for me.'

BWW Interview: Billy Price Makes Gulf Coast Records Debut With DOG EAT DOG
September 3, 2019

'To have that kind of power, and that kind of control, and that kind of incredible musicality, it was what I wanted to be.' -- Billy Price, on James Brown

BWW Interview: James House & the Blues Cowboys Redefine Blues-Rock with New Release
February 18, 2019

'...there's 10,000 people trying to get through that door at one time, and one or two sneak through. It's always been that way...good stuff always rises, the cream rises; music finds its way.”

Johnny & Jaalene Release Rip Cat Records Debut
October 16, 2018

“I think we're the new, made from the old...we take everything that's soulful from the old, and we're trying to keep that alive in our music.'

Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, Live at the Regent Theatre
October 1, 2018

“(He was) like listening to a bird sing.”

The Skylarks Release 'On the Back of the New'
October 1, 2018

' thing this reviewer likes: it makes you stop and listen.'

Mike Zito Releases New CD, 'First Class Life'
August 27, 2018

'Being the best is not a possible thing; it's working hard.'

Joe Jackson North American Tour Comes to Harrisburg
July 18, 2018

'I began to slowly realize what serious pop music was about. '

CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion Release New CD, #5or5000
July 2, 2018

We would always say whether there's five people or five thousand people in the audience...we're gonna give the show of a lifetime.'

BWW Interview: Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen Release 'Break it Down'
June 8, 2018

'(Break it Down) sounds like the music that I love; I wanted this record to be what I would listen to. I want to make records that sounds like my favorite band; I want to be my favorite band.'

'The Americans' Composer Nathan Barr Continues to Break New Ground
June 4, 2018

'I think the composing thing really started to become the thing where I caught that bug, and I look at myself here twenty years later into it, and I am still kind of I'm amazed sometimes that I can sit down and still be as excited about what I do now as I was twenty years ago when I was just getting into it.”

BWW Interview: Dana Fuchs, Get Along Records Release 'Love Lives On'
May 18, 2018

'I have a choice to be happy or to suffer; we have this choice, and we oftentimes think it's the internal circumstances that bring us to happiness or to suffering. If we think about it, it's really a choice of our own mind.”

5th Annual FoodStock Festival comes to PA Ren Faire Grounds
May 18, 2018

In Pennsylvania, 1 in 8 people, and 1 in six children struggle with hunger, according to

BWW Interview: Karikatura Defines Itself with 'Ghost Light'
May 14, 2018

'It's always been something we've struggled with is how to define the music we make. It's not necessary to define it that way. Somebody can listen to it and enjoy it, and that's enough.'