Student Blogger: Vita Augugliaro

Vita Augugliaro is a freshman at Long Island University, earning her BFA in Musical Theatre. Vita began doing theatre in Junior high, when she was featured in her first show Brigadoon. From then on, she has continued doing her Highschools shows and eventually branching outside of school, including being shows featured by Plaza Theatrical Productions and Cultural Arts Playhouse. Vita was also featured in the Annual Roger Rees Award back in 2022 for her role as Miss Sandra in the Musical comedy All Shook Up. She was then a Finalist of Roger Rees and was able to perform for an audience and being included in a livestream. 

 Vita Augugliaro continues to spread her love for theatre by taking on different roles in the theatre world by being in stage crew, assistant director and building/painting sets. Now being able to write articles featured on BWW, Vita is ready to spread her love for theatre beyond the stage and onto the internet. 

To contact Vita Augugliaro, please use the email: or follow on instagram; @vita.aug 

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First Show:

Mamma Mia!

Favorite Show:



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