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Nicole DelRossi

Nicole DelRossi Born and raised in New Jersey, Nicole has always had an eye for creating. She first picked up a pencil at age two and started doodling on everything from her mother’s walls, clothes, to her own skin with markers. Since moving to Philadelphia 13 years ago; She has now become a bit of a Jacqueline of all trades when it comes to the art world. DelRossi started her art career in the Philadelphia underground at the early age of 19.Taken under the wing of a graffiti artist that will remain nameless, He gave her gigs painting live at bars, warehouse parties, and underground parties that involved painting on paper as well as scantily clad models.
Since spending several years at Moore College of art to fine tune her craft, Nicole had taken the fine arts route with her career. She trained to become a very talented curator at James Oliver Gallery. This gave her the knowledge to run a local artistic hub called Salsita Studio. Nicole is now founded and curated of an underground traveling arts fair called “Art in the dark” that ran for two years. These showings were treated like a small crafts fair but curated like a major gallery space. The artists and performers showcased were professionals that believed in getting amazing work out to the people who may not be aware of or familiar with the higher end art scenes. Pop-up galleries would show up in relaxed settings i.e. dive bars. Nicole was tired of seeing people afraid of the art world. People who were hesitant to venture into the white cube or the cold theater setting are now asking questions about color and composition. Since graduating Nicole has been focusing on fine tuning her writing and developing a more critical way of thinking.



BWW Review: SPRING SERIES 2019 at Wilma Theater
March 13, 2019

BalletX continues its 2018-2019 season with Spring Season 2019 at the Wilma Theater with 12 performances running from March 6th to the 17th led by artistic and executive director Christine Cox. This experience includes brand new work by choreographic visionary Nicolo Fonte, a piece by Lil' Buck that adds a contemporary twist to the evening and a new painterly inspired work by Katarzyna Skarpetowska.

December 7, 2017

Nicole Fonte's Beautiful Decay performed at the Wilma Theater on November 29th, 2017 for BalletX is a wonderful depiction of the contradiction of emotions that come with working through the processes that are the beginning of the end. Based off of Mark Golebiowski's 3-D photographs of decaying flowers in their varied states of wilt. The autumnal aesthetic of the costumes combined with sets and backgrounds of whites, greys and light blue hues really pushed the idea that there can still be vibrancy in demise. You would think that these themes and colors would create a disconnect, but in reality they actually help move the story along.

BWW Review: A PROGRAM OF FIRSTS at Academy Of Music
May 31, 2016

May 12th 2016 - May 15th 2016 By Balanchine, Neenan, & Scarlett, music by Tchaikovsky, Poulenc & Herion May 12, 2016 to May 15, 2016 - Academy of Music

BWW Dance Review: BALLETX 10TH ANNIVERSARY RETROSPECTIVE and the World Premiere of TIME CURVES By Kevin O'Day at The Wilma Theater
April 27, 2016

??Review: BalletX 10th anniversary retrospective and the world premiere of Time Curves by Kevin O'Day

BWW Review: Fringearts Revival of Lucinda Child's AVAILABLE LIGHT
October 7, 2015

BWW reveiw: A Stoic Revival: a reveiw of Fringe Arts: Revival of Lucinda Childs Available Light at The 32nd street Armory