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Christian Lewis



BWW Review: Daniel Fish's WHITE NOISE Experiments with Adaptation
September 23, 2019

After his triumphant, Tony-award winning revival of OKLAHOMA!, Daniel Fish had a lot to live up to when he announced he would be directing an adaptation of WHITE NOISE. To raise the stakes, he is also the author of the piece, which he described as 'freely adapted from the Don DeLillo novel.'

BWW Review: Elevator Repair Service's GATZ is an Adapted Masterpiece
January 30, 2019

When adapting famous novels into plays, the debate-and often the source of disappointment-is choosing what to cut. Elevator Repair Service has made the boldest, and yet at the same time the most neutral of choices in their adaptation: they have staged a production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' that includes every single word of the novel.

BWW Review: Site-Specific, Immersive Play BLEACH Explores Gay Sex Work
January 18, 2019

This piece, written by Dan Ireland-Reeves and directed by Zach Carey, is a site-specific, immersive, intimate experience. It is a one man show performed in a purposefully claustrophobic space for a nightly audience of only ten people. The play, which run a little over an hour, is a monologue delivered by Tyler, a confident 24-year-old who has turned to sex work in order to survive in the fatally expensive world of New York City.