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School Spotlight: School of Theatre at Florida State University

Learn more about all this program has to offer young artists!

School of Theatre at Florida State University

Mailing Address:

540 W. Call Street
239 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1160

Administrative Offices
Phone: 850.644.7257

The School of Theatre at Florida State University is regularly recognized as one of the finest theatre programs in the nation. The School of Theatre at Florida State University's mission is to use the evolving, live, collaborative art of theatre to develop artists and scholars who have a lifelong passion for the arts. The facilities include two proscenium theatres and two flexible laboratory or black-box spaces in addition to studios, shops, and classrooms. Each year a large number of students attend the London Theatre program. Along with working with the faculty from the Tallahassee campus, theatre students work with some of England's best teachers and artists. They attend theatre every week (some attend every day) and visit other countries during their breaks. The School of Theatre at Florida State University offers three-degree options for undergraduate students and opportunities for students to explore many areas within the theatre.

BFA Music Theatre

The Music Theatre Program is a joint program offered by the College of Music and the School of Theatre. The BFA Music Theatre Program is a highly competitive program that prepares talented students from around the country for professional careers. Students are offered a comprehensive curriculum with courses in theatre, music, and dance to provide them with the training and skills necessary to meet the demands of a challenging career. In addition to course work, students have a variety of performance opportunities every year, including two musicals each season.

Graduating seniors in the Music Theatre program also have the opportunity to participate in the Senior Showcase each spring in New York City. Students perform during the showcase for directors, talent agents, and casting directors from all over the United States.

For more information on the admission requirements for the Music Theatre Program click here.

BFA Acting

The Acting Program at FSU is an extremely competitive program designed to prepare talented students for work in professional theatre. In addition to the core of required theatre courses, this comprehensive curriculum includes a sequence of courses in acting, voice, movement, and specialized workshops. Acting students are also required to participate in our London Theatre Experience during the summer before their third year.

Following the first semester, students audition for a wide variety of performance opportunities, including roles in the Fallon, Lab, and Studio Theatres. This balance of course work and production experience prepares students to meet the rigors of a demanding professional theatre career.

For more information on the admission requirements for the Acting Program click here.

BA Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible liberal arts degree offering extensive knowledge of theatre arts. The program, offering a balance of theatre core classes and electives, allows students the freedom to design their own curriculum. This is an ideal program for a student with multiple interests in theatre. The School of Theatre offers classes in performance, directing, various aspects of design and technical work, specific areas of theatre history and performance studies, dramaturgy, theatre management, playwriting, play analysis, and stage makeup. BA students may blend theatre training with a different academic pursuit by minoring or double-majoring in such areas as English, Humanities, Education, or other disciplines offered at FSU. BA students take an active part in production work. Students interested in performing can audition for roles in any of our productions. Students can also be involved as stage managers and can participate in various production assignments and tech crews.

For more information on the admission requirements for the BA Theatre program click here.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The School of Theatre awards scholarships to selected incoming and continuing students in all BFA areas. Scholarships are awarded to incoming BFA students on the basis of academic ability and potential for achievement in their particular BFA emphasis.

Notable Alumni

Alumni include Academy Award-winner Alan Ball, Broadway stars Christiani Pitts, Montego Glover, Davis Gaines, and Leslie Flesner, television producer Steven Sears, Emmy award-winner John Papsidera, and Broadway producers Darren Bagert, Dan Markley, Heather Provost, and Amanda Watkins, and a host of talented industry professionals.

Contact Information:

Michele Diamonti
Director, Academic Student Services
239 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1160
Phone: (850) 644 - 7234

For more information on the London Theatre Program click here.

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