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BWW Blog: Final Stretch!

BWW Blog: Final Stretch!

Just like that the semester is almost over! It feels like I just started the fall semester. Now I'm in my last week of classes! Has the studying started? No. Has the crying started? Absolutely! Like every other college student, I'm currently drowning in final papers, projects, due dates, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff that I'm not even aware of. I've been trying to get into the holiday spirit by doing festive things in the city. I haven't had much time, but I did get to enjoy a trip to the Met over the weekend!

My art history elective goes on two Met trips during the semester. This trip was the one where holiday themed pieces are out. I enjoyed the trip because it made me feel a little in the holiday spirit. It's hard to feel festive when so much work is weighing down on you. The trip was fun. There was a huge tree with little porcelain dolls that represented the Nativity Scene. It's absolutely stunning.

The next day was my trip to Lancaster, PA which is usually part of my own personal clean air program. New York pollution stuffs my nose and I usually like to take a break from it so I'm ready to go for finals. I went to Fulton Theatre and attended their production of 42nd Street. I love going away from the city and seeing productions other companies do. I was not disappointed at all! It was magical and the perfect pick me up to my stressful energy! I was able to create a momentum to carry me through the approaching week.

I came back from Pennsylvania late Sunday night and didn't sleep much because I had an internship interview on Monday! I wrote previously that I went through the process of getting my resumé approved so I can apply for things. After sending out my approved resumé, I actually heard back from someone! The interview was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I don't know if I'll get the internship, but the interview process was a lot of fun to me!

If I do get the internship, it would be for the spring semester. I tweaked my schedule to account for the time I've spent commuting. I only have class twice a week since I'm taking a combination of in person and online classes. This increases my availability to any jobs or internships that might come up. I've been really frustrated with my lack of availability due to school. I calculated how much time I spend commuting. I commute nearly four hours a day multiplied by the four days I come to school, so that is almost sixteen hours a week. I could spend that time doing other things like homework, working, and just having more time to myself.

The semester is almost over. I'll make it out alive like I usually do. Next semester looks more promising and I'm really excited for the new changes.

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