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BWW Reviews: Blessing Sees The Arms Race as A WALK IN THE WOODS
by Michael Dale - Oct 01, 2014

Kathleen Chalfant and Paul Niebanck star as Cold War negotiators out for a friendly stroll. (more...)

BWW Reviews: YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, a Classic Comedy Given a Classic Production
by Michael Dale - Sep 29, 2014

James Earl Jones heads a terrific cast in Scott Ellis' hilarious revival. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Austin McCormick's ROCOCO ROUGE, an Intimate and Sensual Delight
by Michael Dale - Sep 28, 2014

Company XIV christens its new home with an elegantly erotic Baroque sampler. (more...)

BWW Reviews: LaBute's Skewers L.A. Lifestyles in THE MONEY SHOT
by Michael Dale - Sep 23, 2014

Neil LaBute's new comedy is a riot from start to finish. (more...)

BWW Reviews: BEDBUGS!!! Delivers Mindless Sci-Fi Rocker Fun
by Michael Dale - Sep 22, 2014

Grace McLean and Brian Charles Rooney are both wildly funny in this musical spoof. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Gurney's Bringing Snail Mail Back with LOVE LETTERS
by Michael Dale - Sep 19, 2014

The story of a lifelong relationship between two people is told through the handwritten correspondence sent between them throughout the decades. (more...)

BWW Reviews: ROCK BOTTOM Offers Raunch Without Wit
by Michael Dale - Sep 18, 2014

Bridget Everett's obsessively aggressive raunchiness gets tiresome very quickly. (more...)

BWW Reviews: THE FATAL WEAKNESS May Be Found In The Script
by Michael Dale - Sep 16, 2014

The Mint mounts a fine revival of playwright George Kelly's final Broadway effort. (more...)

BWW Reviews: THIS IS OUR YOUTH, Entitled Slacker Nostalgia
by Michael Dale - Sep 12, 2014

Anna D. Shapiro's Steppenwold production softens Kenneth Lonergan's satirical edges. (more...)

BWW Reviews: BOOTYCANDY is Subversively Funny and Dramatically Intriguing
by Michael Dale - Sep 11, 2014

Robert O'Hara uses hilarious sketches and sobering drama in a collage of experiences from growing up gay and black. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Public Works' THE WINTER'S TALE Enchants at Delacorte
by Michael Dale - Sep 10, 2014

The phrase "community theatre" rarely inspires such vibrant dramatics and joyful pageantry as when the Public Theater's Public Works program takes the Delacorte stage. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Absurdist Satire Meets Musical Comedy in RED EYE OF LOVE
by Michael Dale - Sep 08, 2014

Alli Mauzey and Josh Grisetti shine in a a daffy, enjoyable lark. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Neugebauer Provides a Satisfying Stay at THE WAYSIDE MOTOR INN
by Michael Dale - Sep 04, 2014

Lila Neugebauer directs an intriguing and touching production of A.R. Gurney's community of moments. (more...)

BWW Reviews: AND I AND SILENCE Considers The Prison Life of Free Women
by Michael Dale - Aug 26, 2014

Naomi Wallace's intimate drama contrasts a women's prison and the prison free women encounter. (more...)

BWW Reviews: POOR BEHAVIOR is Bland Playwriting
by Michael Dale - Aug 18, 2014

Theresa Rebeck adds nothing fresh regarding the subjectivity of morality. (more...)

by Michael Dale - Aug 14, 2014

Ivar Pall Jonsson's pitiful attempt at allegorical whimsy lacks basic musical theatre craft. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Sydney Theatre Company's THE MAIDS Goes For Jocular Over Jugular
by Michael Dale - Aug 12, 2014

Genet's erotically intimate drama gets played for broad laughs in Benedict Andrews' production. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Sullivan's KING LEAR Lacks Serpent's Tooth Sharpness
by Michael Dale - Aug 06, 2014

Delacorte production more ritual than theatrical. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Cirque du Soleil's VAREKAI Waxes Athletically of Icarus
by Michael Dale - Aug 02, 2014

Cirque's touring show riffs on flight and cheesy lounge acts. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Stephen McKinley Henderson Displays Pathos and Power in BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY
by Michael Dale - Aug 01, 2014

Stephen Adly Guirgis' new play offers crackling, streetwise dialogue and tension-packed drama. (more...)

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