WITHIN THE LAW - Metropolitan Playhouse Auditions

Posted: April 4, 2014

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WITHIN THE LAW - Submit for NY Appointment

Metropolitan Playhouse|New York, NY

Send To
Metropolitan Playhouse
220 East 4th Street
New York NY10009


Seasonal Showcase Code; $500 total AEA stipend

Actors for 3 female roles, 6 male roles

see breakdown.

NYC auditions held week of 4/7/14. Email, mail or drop off picture/resume ASAP for consideration.

Other Dates
Rehearsals Begin: May 1, 2014
Performance Run: May 31 – June 29, 2014 NB: Performances include Sunday matinees each week, plus two Wednesday and Saturday matinees in the final weeks.

Written by Bayard Veiller (1912)
Director: Michael Hardart

Sides will be made available when auditions are scheduled.

Please include word 'LAW' in the subject line, or the e-mail may not be seen.

If you have already submitted via Actors Access, please do not submit again.


Falsely imprisoned for theft, a woman vows revenge on the rich and privileged set by
manipulating the very laws they hide behind. A thrilling melodrama from 1911 that
explores the injustices of a justice system that protects the wealthy and punishes the poor.


Mary, 25-30, Wrongfully convicted shop girl who uses the law to seek revenge on the privileged set that imprisoned her.

Sarah, 30-45, Gilder’s long-time secretary. Observant but cautious. Wants to keep her job.

Agnes, 20-29, Confidence woman. Must play both high and low brow.


Dick, 25-30, Happy-go-lucky son of a wealthy man

Gilder, 50-65, Owner of a department store. Arrogant and selectively self-righteous

Demarest, 30-45, District Attorney. Troubled by the compromises he must make.

Garson, 30-40, Lifetime criminal trying to do the right thing. Hot tempered.

Griggs, 30-45, English gentleman criminal.

Burke, 40-55, Merciless police Inspector.

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