Scoop: RAISING HOPE on FOX - Friday, December 13, 2013

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Scoop: RAISING HOPE on FOX - Friday, December 13, 2013Burt wants to be elected the interim Mayor of Natesville so that Virginia will have the honor of plugging in the town Christmas tree. But being mayor turns Burt into a Grinch. Then, Burt and Virginia go undercover to expose a corporate scandal that is killing all the bees in Natesville in the all-new special one-hour "The Chance Who Stole Christmas / Bee Story" episode of RAISING HOPE airing Friday, Dec. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (HOP-410/06) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Cast: Lucas Neff as Jimmy; Martha Plimpton as Virginia; Garret Dillahunt as Burt; Shannon Woodward as Sabrina; Cloris Leachman as Maw Maw; Gregg Binkley as Barney.

Guest Cast: Baylie and Rylie Cregut as Hope; Todd Giebenhain as Frank; Mary Birdsong as Mayor Suzie Hellman; Carla Jimenez as Rosa; Dan Coscino as Dancin' Dan; Usha Kiren as Mindy; Candace Kita as Mrs. Hoo; Stephen Stanton as Narrator V.O.; Gary Anthony Williams as Dave Davidson; Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Gunderson; Betsy Sodaro as Candy; Barak Hardley as Gary Dilford; Lindsey Kabus as Karen Anderson; Any Anderson as Kelly; Andre Gordon as Wayne Hill; Joy Regullano as Young Woman.

RAISING HOPE is the critically acclaimed comedy created by Emmy Award winner Greg Garcia and executive-produced by Mike Mariano ("My Name is Earl," "Yes, Dear") that follows the continuing comic adventures of the Chance family as they raise an adorable girl named HOPE (guest stars Baylie and Rylie Cregut).

Following JIMMY's (Lucas Neff) marriage to longtime crush SABRINA (Shannon Woodward), the young couple moved into their own home this past season. But they found that they still need Jimmy's parents, VIRGINIA (Emmy Award winner Martha Plimpton) and BURT (Garret Dillahunt), to help them raise Jimmy's daughter, Hope. Having been teen parents themselves, Virginia and Burt see Hope as their second chance to get parenthood right, after all the mistakes they made with Jimmy.

They continue to live with Virginia's erratic grandmother, MAW MAW (Emmy Award winner Cloris Leachman), whose eccentricities keep everyone on their toes, as she has a tendency to lose her clothing and, in her mind, it just might be World War II. To make ends meet, Jimmy and Sabrina still work together at Howdy's Supermarket, under the supervision of their goofy manager, BARNEY (Gregg Binkley).

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