Scoop: NY MED on ABC - Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 23
12:16 2014
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Scoop: NY MED on ABC - Thursday, July 3, 2014After nearly two years of production, "NY MED" is back. This fast-paced, eight-part series mostly toggles between the orderly operating rooms of Manhattan's New York-Presbyterian Hospital -- the primary venue for the series -- where renowned surgeons perform feats of medical brilliance and the sometimes hectic trauma wards of Newark's University Hospital where skilled doctors gallantly struggle to treat a flood of gunshot, stabbing and life-threatening trauma cases. The surgeons of NY MED never forget that there are limits to what medical science can do and that sometimes their best efforts come up short. In "Episode 202," which airs THURSDAY, JULY 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), viewers will encounter the following patients, doctors and nurses:

Hugo Razo grew up in a modest home in a small California city where young Mexican-Americans like him were often pressured to join gangs. He struggled in high school and says most people thought he'd most likely end up doing physical labor of some kind such as janitorial work. But his determination to prove them wrong led him to turn it around and get on the path that would lead to his becoming a skilled ER doc at a major hospital. When a young professional couple arrives in the ER injured after a violent home invasion, Dr. Razo is the one who treats and ultimately reassures the pair that life will go on and their wounds, both physical and emotional, will heal. With his imposing stature and physique, Dr. Razo is also adept at assisting security guards when they have to subdue the occasional unruly or violent patient.

Fast-talking and confident, the willowy Debbie Yi wins high praise for her ability to accurately diagnose patients. But medicine was not this former Wall Street banker's initial career path. And then, personal tragedy struck her family and she had the epiphany that led her to switch jobs. She says that giving back and helping patients is her mission.

For as long as he can remember, Chris Molnar wanted to be a United States Marine. Young and fit, he threw himself into the long days and rigors of marine boot camp. What he couldn't know was that his own body would sabotage him one day. Now, his life and his dreams for the future depend on the ingenuity and skill of New York-Presbyterian doctors.

Terence Wrong is the executive producer of "NY MED." Erica Baumgart is the supervising producer and Monica DelaRosa is the senior series producer. Andy Genovese and Aysu Grodowski are series producers.


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