Satellite Collective Announces Free Satellite Film Originals

Satellite Collective Announces Free Satellite Film Originals

Satellite Collective Announces Free Satellite Film Originals

Satellite Film Originals is an evening of original film and video created in collaboration with Satellite choreographers, composers and artists. For the first time Satellite will premiere a full program of film, video and original scores in partnership with Bowery Arts and Sciences. Tickets are free; rsvp in advance to

In a few short seasons Satellite Collective has created a body of short film, video and original film scores in collaboration with composers and choreographers, poets and writers. Satellite Film Originals will feature "Twin Star Event" and "Edie Leaves Twice" the first and second parts of a multi-year trilogy of films in collaboration with resident Film Maker Lora Robertson, with composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and librettos by Kevin Draper. Scores for the films are by Ellis, and Stelth Ulvang of The Lumineers.


Satellite Film Originals is the first event in a series leading to the premiere of "Narcissus" - an immersive experience inspired by Ballet Russes. This season, Satellite produces a series of showings, events and surprises, leading to the Spring 2018 premiere of their new large scale collaborative work under Artistic Director Kevin Draper.

"Film often drives the core visual approach in our works," says Draper, "It challenges the rhythms of the music and movement. Film gives us a chance to introduce competitive art into the movement space - as well as an allegorical dimension."

Draper explains Satellite's commitment to film: "Satellite films are story driven, produced from the same librettos as our music and dance works. This is a chance to use one of the more allegorical art forms we use - and we are experimenting with film in some very minimalist ways that tie to other large scale architectural interventions underway in other parts of the county. This Summer, we've begun our shoots for our upcoming production of Narcissus - we're in the Rockaways, combining old urban infrastructure and the shoreline - you'll see it in new short film, but also embedded deeply in our upcoming production."

"Satellite Collective aims to open up the stage to diverse artistic practice, producing alternate channels for performance to envelope the audience-expressing the theatrical and choreographic gesture, sound, décor, film, stagecraft and storytelling into a total artwork." - New York Observer


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