Yale Drama Teacher Bill Connington Publishes New Book About the Alexander Technique

Yale Drama Teacher Bill Connington Publishes New Book About the Alexander Technique

Newly appointed Yale School of Drama "Lecturer in Acting" Bill Connington publishes his new book today on applying the Alexander Technique to performance. The book is entitled "Physical Expression on Stage and Screen: Creating Unforgettable Performances with the Alexander Technique." Published today in England, it will be published in the U.S. on August 14th. Brought out by famed theatrical publisher Methuen Drama, the book promises to be invaluable to the individual performer, and has been predicted to be the "go-to book" on the Alexander Technique for performers. It will also be used as a textbook by colleges and performing arts institutions nationwide. Connington is regarded as a world-expert on the Alexander Technique in general, and applying the method to performance specifically. In addition to his recent appointment to Yale, he has taught at Juilliard, NYU, and the Actors Studio MFA Program. His innovative new book includes 133 specially designed exercises to aid the actor in helping herself achieve peak performance. 14 of the core exercises are available free on vimeo.com: http://vimeo.com/channels/connington

Connington is best known for his portrayal of "Quentin P" in "Zombie" by Joyce Carol Oates. The play version garnered multiple awards and multiple productions. The award-winning short film has been screened at 18 film festivals nationwide. Known for his versatility, Connington brings his practical knowledge of acting and performance to this new publication. Widely seen as soon becoming the "bible" for performers who have interest in posture, alignment, movement, and physical characterization, the book is based on the work of F.M. Alexander, whose work has been used by actors, dancers and singers since the 1890s. An integral part of the actor training at Yale School of Drama, The Juilliard School, NYU, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, as well as many others, the method is regarded as invaluable for performers in helping with mental-physical release, improved performance, breathing and vocal production, and in helping with performance anxiety.

Connington is known for coaching Broadway actors, Metropolitan Opera singers, and famed instrumentalists. There is a rumor he's already at work on his next book, as well as being in pre-production to act the lead in an independent feature film--a romantic comedy--to be directed by Thomas Caruso, and produced by Michael Cooper.

More information about the book can be found at: www.createabalance.org or www.amazon.com/PhysicalExpressiononStageandScreen.

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