LUZ by Luis Gonzalez, Cracks Amazon's TOP 100 List for Hispanic Fiction and Literature

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Luz, the new novel by Cuban-American writer, Luis Gonzalez, was published on December 5 th through Amazon's Indie Author's Platform. One week later it broke into Amazon's top 100 list for Hispanic Fiction and Literature by entering at 91, and one week after it reached 67 on the list.

Luz is the story of 19 year-old Clara. The year is 1994, one week into the rebellion that sparks Cuba's rafter crisis in August of that same year. The novel is a compelling tale of crisis and opportunity. Clara and husband, Rigo, decide to make the ninety-mile journey by raft along with their friends, until a spiritual experience causes Clara to back out at the last minute, remaining behind as her husband and closest friends sail out of her life. It anticipates a time of turmoil ahead, as both the government and her inner circle are buffeted by forces beyond their control. And the birth of her miracle child further complicates matters as Clara tries to find normalcy and spiritual meaning in her life.

Gonzalez' book is rich in literary themes, as are most novels dealing with the Cuban experience, alongside which this work deserves its place. The role of women and religion in the community is explored as both Clara and her mother are separated from their husbands and must make due with very limited resources. They, in turn, find themselves bolstered by female religious figures on different sides of the battle for the souls of Clara and her baby daughter. The author also provides us with surrealistic episodes in Heaven as Creator and Son are drawn into the dialogue discussing the destiny of Luz.

The testimonies of this book resonate with the work of Reinaldo Arenas, whose lifelong struggle against the Castro regime produced the best works of Cuban literature. We find the terrible poverty and government ineptitude shrouded by an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, the citizens of the island never knowing when politics or oppression will destroy what little they can call their own. Often religion is all one has to hold onto, and this novel describes a situation when even that is brought into question.

For those interested in Cuban literature, mystical drama, women's issues, or just a great story to sink your head and heart into, Luz is well worth the read.

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