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DON JUAN - Quintessence Theatre Group Auditions

Posted: November 19, 2010

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DON JUAN– Photo / Resume Request

Quintessence Theatre Group (Philadelphia, PA)Special Appearance; $300/week minimum

Artistic/Stage Director: Alexander Burns

By Moliere

1strehearsal: 1/19/11. Runs: 2/16- 3/13/11

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD.

For consideration, mail or email picture and resume to:

Quintessence Theatre Group

PO Box 27213

Philadelphia, PA 19118

Please indicate in the subject line of email or outside of envelope: “Don Juan Submission”

Deadline for submissions: 12/1/10

Don Juan, the greatest lover in history, and his weary servant Sganarelle, are making their way through the Italian countryside, wooing and winning every beautiful woman who crosses Don Juan’s path. Pursued by past conquests, jealous rivals, and an angry father, Don Juan rejects all attempts to curb or change his ways. Can a man live entirely for pleasure? Will God permit one man to so openly mock his moral laws? Come try to resist temptation in Molière’s sensuous satire, Don Juan.


Don Juan:

A refined gentleman and great romancer, devoted to living entirely in the moment, for pleasure and the consummation of his every desire.


Servant to Don Juan. A moralistic man who is horrified by his masters beliefs and actions, but enjoys living vicariously through him.

Dona Elivra:

30s. An elegant gentlewoman who was preparing to enter the convent when romanced, married and then discarded by Don Juan.

Don Carlos:

20s. Younger brother to Dona Elivra. A gentleman and a romantic, full of honor and pride, and prepared to die dueling in order to defend the honor of his sister and family.

Don Alonso:

30s. Older brother to Dona Elivra. A hotheaded gentlemen, out to revenge his wronged sister.


20s. A feisty sexual young serving woman.

Don Luis:

50+. A patriarch, devoted to his wealth, family honor and morality. Now exhausted and forlorn in his role as father to Don Juan.

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